MD80 controllers are capable of supporting CANopen communication protocol accoriding the CiA402 device profile. For further details, please examine the Object Dictionary chapter that contains the communication objects that are used to exchange data.


Make sure you’ve contacted MABRobotics for the aproperiate software update, as the default MD80 flasher only supports CANdle protocol.

Setting up a new motor#

To set up a new motor make sure the drive is in the “switch on disabled” state. After that make sure you set up the following registers:

1. Motor Parameters:

  • 0x6075:0 - Rated Current

  • 0x6076:0 - Rated Torque

  • 0x6072:0 - Max Torque

  • 0x6072:0 - Max Current

  • 0x6080:0 - Max Speed

  • 0x2000:1 - Pole Pairs

  • 0x2000:2 - Torque Constant

  • 0x2000:5 - Torque Bandwidth

  • 0x2000:7 - Motor Shutdown Temp

  • 0x2000:8 - Gear Ratio

2. Velocity PID gains:

  • 0x2001:1 - Kp

  • 0x2001:2 - Ki

  • 0x2001:3 - Kd

  • 0x2001:4 - Integral Limit

3. Position PID gains:

  • 0x2002:1 - Kp

  • 0x2002:2 - Ki

  • 0x2002:3 - Kd

  • 0x2002:4 - Integral Limit

4. Profile velocity/position settings:

  • 0x6081 - Profile Velocity

  • 0x6083 - Profile Acceleration

  • 0x6084 - Profile Deceleration

  • 0x6085 - Quick Stop Deceleration


Remember to save the parameters - please see the last chapter

Setting up an external encoder#

Setup of the external encoder should be done after the motor has been configured, as suggested in previous paragraph. To setup the output encoder the following fields need to be filled:


Remember to save the parameters - please see the last chapter

Saving and Calibrating#

After the parameters have been filled there are two more steps to follow - save to non-volatile memory and calibrate:

  1. Run store parameters routine using 0x1010:1:

    • make sure the state machine is in “switch on disabled” state (write 0x8 to controlword 0x6040)

    • write 0x65766173 to 0x1010:1

    • wait for the drive to reboot

  2. Run calibration routine using 0x2003:3 (and output encoder calibration routine 0x2003:4 if output encoder is present)

    • make sure the state machine is in “operational” state (write sequentially 0x8, 0x6, 0xf to controlword 0x6040, and check if the statusword 0x6041 is 0x39)

    • make sure the drive is in “service” operation mode (write -2 to Modes Of Operation 0x6060)

    • write 1 to 0x2003:3 to start the calibration

    • wait for the drive to reboot