CANdle ROS/ROS2 nodes

CANdle ROS/ROS2 nodes#

While C++ API is the most flexible way of interfacing with CANdle/MD80, ROS/ROS2 APIs are also available. These have been designed as standalone C++ nodes that use the CANdle library on the backend. The nodes are designed to be used with already configured drives, thus functions such as setting FDCAN parameters are unavailable via ROS/2 API. We recommend configuring all drives first using MDtool or C++/Python API.

Nodes use ROS/2 services to perform initialization and enable/disable the drives. The initialization services available are:


There are also two additional services for enabling/disabling the drives:


Once the drives are enabled via enable_md80s service, the nodes will ignore all calls to services other than disable_md80s. When enabled, communication switches from service-based to topic-based. The nodes will publish to the topic:


And will subscribe to topics: